Anita Vincze
Anita is a photographer who lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. Design and creation were always present in her life.  She has a background in fashion design and for 15 years was running her own fashion business.
After a long period of fascination with photography, Anita completed an advanced course in Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Since then her abstract photos have been displayed in luxury hotel chains (e.g. Marriott, Hyatt, Bentley Reserve) and corporate offices (e.g. Air France Headquarters, Paris, France).
Anita’s work has also been exhibited in art galleries and recognised by awards in international photo salons. She won an award in the 2nd Swedish International Exhibition of Photography, Malmö, Sweden (Monochrome Category) and became finalist at the Vision Excellence Awards 2018, Miami, United States (Fine Art Category).
Anita is drawn to recording beauty around us. She considers the sensor of her camera to be a raw canvas that awaits to be filled. When shooting in color she tends to favor vivid palettes, however in her portfolio the timelessness of black and white photography is also beautifully presented.